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Team transformation

Transform your teams’ performance with TetraMap

TetraMap® is an individual and team profiling tool which is designed to improve team cohesion and collaboration, boosting productivity, customer service and sales.

As certified facilitators for TetraMap, we offer interactive and engaging workshops, ranging from introductory sessions to longer events built around specific topics such as leadership, communication, customer service and team development.

A 90-minute introductory session enables team members to:

  • Understand their natural preferences
  • Recognise the behavioural preferences of others
  • Engage others using appropriate language and behaviour
  • Adapt and flex their style to overcome conflict and difficulty

A fresh, inspiring and inclusive model, TetraMap brings energy and vitality to individuals and teams. It transforms team performance by:

  • Immediately improving peoples’ awareness and understanding of themselves and the people they work with
  • Opening channels and dialogue for stronger teamwork, collaboration and communication
  • Enabling a ‘legacy of learning’, providing people with the tools they need to recognise opportunities for development and improvement in the future
  • Creating an environment of openness and collaboration, boosting team unity, efficiency and productivity

This straightforward, robust model uses the tetrahedron, and the four elements (earth, air, water and fire) to help individuals and teams understand and embrace differences. In the process, it can transform team performance. With an 18-year track record in more than 20 countries, TetraMap® is a credible, professional training and development methodology that delivers genuine results.

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